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Happy New Year! This is my first official post of the year and I thought I’d start things off by talking about the dreaded “New Year’s resolution.” Did you make them this year? Resolutions are fine… but without action, they mean absolutely nothing, other than something to make you feel good when you talk to your friends. Want to give them some teeth? Take your resolutions and determine at least 3 solid goals for the year (total). Then identify the action items that will help you achieve these goals. And if you really want to make it stick, assign dates and accountability (what you’ll do if you don’t do what you say you will) to your action items. Share your goals and action items in comments.

Don’t stop Alyssa – it’s a new year!

Today’s Workout
For time:
800m Run
80 Squats
40 Pull-ups
400m Run
40 Squats
20 Pull-ups
800m Run
80 Squats
40 Pull-ups



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