Adventure LA!

Today’s Workout
Tabata Push Ups


300m shuttle run for time
– rest 5 minutes
300m shuttle run for timeHow active are you in your daily life? How much FUN is there in your workouts? How much do you know about what LA has to offer?

Welcome to CrossFit Los Angeles’s Fall Challenge – Adventure LA! This is something completely different! We will be challenging you each week to do something fun, exciting and challenging with your friends, family and members of the CFLA community.

Every week on Monday morning, you will visit our members only facebook Adventure LA page to get details about the week’s challenge. As the week goes on, you will use the page to create groups, post photos and share your experiences with other members of the challenge. You will have until the end of the day Sunday to complete the challenge for the week.

Are there winners? You bet — everyone who plays! We will have fun prizes for great photos and other stuff — but this time around the challenge is about fun, community, and adventure. So get registered here, it’s 10 bucks to enter, and get ready to Adventure LA!

Work or play? Why separate them!?

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