Aesthetics Is a Perfectly Fine Goal

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Team WOD- teams of 4
“A Day at the Beach”
Relay serpentine style, 4 rounds for time
15 Wall Ball (20/14)
30 DU’s OR 60 Singles
15 Slam Ball (15/10)
100m Carry (KB cooler 24/16kg and Beach Chair plate (45/25)

The team moves in order, once the first person has completed a movement the next team member can follow behind. You cannot move to the next station until the person in front of you has finished at this station. The team must wait for last teammate to finish all movements before snaking back to the beginning, starting with the farmers carry.


A) Agility work

1) Agility ladder
5 drills for agility ladder with primary focus on lateral movement:
1) Gallop
2) Lateral Shuffle (side gallop)
3) Ali Shuffle
4) Stack out
5) Hop Scotch

2) Lateral shuffle, Carioca, sprint

B) AMRAP 20, with a partner
10 Lateral hop over cone, 2-ct
10 Squats
10 DB Push Press (45/30)
–switch–A lot of the talk in the CrossFit community is that aesthetics come as a byproduct of fitness. And while that may be true, and for some people may even be an empowering new mindset, does that make having a goal of looking good wrong? Or does it just mean that we can come at the same goals from two different angles? And that perhaps different angles suit different minds and bodies better?

While “looking good” can come as a byproduct of fitness, it’s my belief that fitness can come as a byproduct of aesthetics and that it’s as good a path as the former.

If I want to get leaner so I can rock a bikini, and to reach that goal I do sprint intervals every day at noon, is the resulting fitness somehow nullified because I did the sprints in pursuit of looking good? I’ve earned myself better cardio, lower bodyfat, and a score of performance and health improvements. Is it less of an achievement because I did the sprints with the goal of getting lean, as opposed to if I’d done them with the goal of improving my sprint time? Am I not both faster and leaner? (I have been doing this, and I am both of those things, for the record.)

While I whole-heartedly agree that too much stress is put on aesthetics in our society, to call anyone wrong for having aesthetics as a goal is just as judgmental and carries just as much pressure as any photo of a skinny model. Plenty of people seek out CrossFit because they want to feel AND look better. It’s not just a byproduct – it’s a product. Rather than say CrossFit is about performance and in hushed tones add that you get a six-pack as a bonus, why not shout that you GET IT ALL?! Because while a faster mile time might motivate you, it’s not what motivates everyone, and the beautiful thing about these workouts is that they can fulfill myriad motivations.

Becca Borawski served as Program Director at CFLA for seven years and is now part of the extended coaching family. She is the managing editor for Breaking Muscle, a website designed for real athletes and real coaches. She lives in Portland, OR and is most likely preparing a paleo meal at this moment.

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