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Today’s Workout

CrossFit Old Town’s Fittest Class Challenge”
Which class is the fittest of the day?
Score as many points as you can for your class in 30 minutes.

Everyone on the team starts the workout with an 800m Run (2 points).

Each athlete will earn 1 POINT for each of the following movements:
– 25 push ups or
– 25 box jumps (20”) or
– 25 KB highpull (32kg/20kg) or
– 25 Overhead lunge (45/25) or
– 25 KB swings (24/16)
– 15 pull ups or
– 15 dips or
– 15 Wallball (20/14) or
– 15 Burpees or
– 5 handstand pushups or
– 5 muscle-ups or
– 400m run.

Final Score is total of all points accumulated divided by the number of people in class.
Bethany and Julia on their way to their Whole Life Challenge victory!

I feel like I’ve already said so much to wrap the last 8 weeks of our collective lives up, however there is one final thing as you all look over the results of Saturday’s Whole Life Challenge finals.

Each and every one of you did something extraordinary for the last 2 months. This challenge was a lot of things to a lot of people, and each person in this challenge faced up to demons they had no idea they had and stared them down. There were times when you felt like you won the battle and times when you felt like you lost. But no matter what took place over those 8 weeks, on Saturday you walked in and you won the war. You all created an amazing event just with your energy, your excitement, your heart, and your presence. There was laughter and there were tears, but in the midst of it all there was triumph and accomplishment. You walked out of the fire on Saturday and into the rest of your life, more prepared for the challenges that stand in front of you than you have ever been before.

You may have referred countless times to “the challenge” in your conversations over the last 8 weeks and been excited, overwhelmed, confronted, angry, or inspired. Just know that now the word “challenge” is interchangeable with anything you take on next. Just remember what you learned here with your community. Whatever you did during the Whole Life Challenge can be repeated with anything else in your life; “the challenge” now refers to whatever you choose next.

Thank you all and congratulations to everyone who played!

For some stats on the winners and a link to the video we showed on finals day, click here.

We will have all of your prelims and finals scorecards available for pick-up by the end of the week. You can get your final measurements by picking up your scorecards in the office on Friday.



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