All hat and no cattle?

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There is a portion in a DVD for Lance Armstrong that shows him training in the French mountains when he and his training team happen upon a rockslide which prevents them from continuing upward. Lance informs his team that he’s still got some left in the tank so they tell him to turn around and do 10 miles back down the hill before calling it a day. He looks at them and says he’ll go down and then back up to that spot. His coach says that discipline like that is what it takes to win the Tour.

So we’re not running our boxes to get a trophy, medal or title however the discipline it takes to “win” at what we’re doing is still the same. See, from my experience, it’s the small things that slip through the cracks that affect our client’s overall experience for the negative. It could be that you’re not cleaning your bathrooms frequently or maybe you haven’t sent that new client a welcome postcard, or classes start 2 minutes late or end 4 minutes late or a myriad of other things that could be (and honestly probably are) swept under the proverbial carpet. If you’re asking for money for your training you ARE a professional and doing the small things is what it takes to be a disciplined professional. If you’re not doing the small stuff you’re all talk and no game or, like the title of this entry as they say in Texas you’re “all hat and no cattle.” Which are you?

Enjoy this video of Lance and then take a look at the BWOD for this week.

List 10 things that must get done that you have been putting off. As you complete that list mark it off (unless it is repeats on your calender) and the ones that didn’t get done that day get moved to the top of your MUST-do list for tomorrow. Then tomorrow do the same and so on. Remember you are not aiming for perfection. There is a possibility that some items will never get off your list however you will get more work done with just using a tool like this one.

For those of you who have tried this tool before with limited success you need greater leverage for improved results. Post your list in the comments section to have the community hold you accountable and update daily.



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