All work and no play…?

All work and no play…?

I have had the fortune of knowing and working with incredibly talented people who built their businesses from nothing to become wildly successful, some even became multi-millionaires. Others are living their dream effortlessly and consistently contributing to their field of choice and they all shared a similar perspective regarding time off. Their attitude was WORK HARD, PLAY HARDER! because they knew they deserved it for them and their team. Similar to the 3-on-1-off theory some use to train, I believe if you aren’t actively PLANNING rest days to decompress and unwind then you are on the fast track to what happens in the video from THE SHINING below.

Is this what you want to happen?

So going into the long 3-day weekend what will you be doing that has NOTHING to do with training or business? How will you recharge your battery, connect with your significant other, pamper yourself, or, hell, just take a nap? If it’s something unique and inventive share with the rest of us.

BTW – I am on vacation until Tuesday so this blog posting will resume on Wednesday.



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