Always Doing New Things

Today’s Workout
Skill work:
Spend first 20 min of class working on inversions:
handstand, head stands, and forearm balances.
For time:
100 Overhead squats (95/65)One of the things I feel is true about CrossFit is that it keeps you young. I think it is because you are constantly doing new things. Unlike a regular fitness program where you show up and do relatively the same routine each workout, CrossFit is forever challenging you with new skills and new adventures. I think it not only keeps your body active and fit, and therefore young, but also your brain. Having to do all that problem solving, having to be able to move your body in new ways – I think these keep your brain working and much of the research I’ve read says keeping your brain active keeps you smarter for longer in your life.

So, what about outside of CrossFit? Do you try new things in your “real” life? I try to take on something new every year – whether it be signing up for a cooking class, studying a language, learning to knit, learning a new sport, whatever it is!

What could you take on this year that would keep you younger and just make you a more interesting person? I start a class in January that’s going to walk me through writing my first book proposal – I’m very excited for that!

Let us know in the comments what YOU are taking on this year!

Kenny observing — and thinking up new things for ALL of us to try.

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