An Act of Adaptation

I had the pleasure of coaching three classes yesterday, during Competition Monday.  Most members expected to perform that short and highly intense WOD just once, but we surprised the classes with the additional round near the end of class, after performing the WOD once, and with plenty of time for warmup and mobility. 

I was very pleased to see how all members handled this news.  Nobody gasped for air, complained, or walked out the door.  Instead, their eyes widened, and they said “Oh boy, let’s do it.  In a matter of seconds, their mindset towards what the day’s work entailed had changed, and they were confidently ready to perform what was asked of them. 

We as coaches ask a lot of our members, especially that they trust our judgement in how we handle the day’s workload.  It was extremely satisfying to observe the mental fortitude that all members exuded when they competed not once, but twice during the session.  They went all out, each time, giving their 110% effort.

Crossfit is about variation, and about being able to withstand and battle any and all obstacles in your way.  To do this requires determination and confidence, and I am glad to be a part of a special gym that embodies such hard work and effort!

Wednesday’s Workout:

3-5 x 3 (~85-90%)

B) EMOM 10
3 Position power snatch
(High to low)

C) 4 RFQ, w/ a partner at  ≤ 7 RPE
A: 200m Row
B: Max strict dips
Switch and repeat
–SOMSAVS scoring–

And Coming Thursday:

“Playin’ With Plates”
400m Plate run (45/25)
40 Plate Russian twists (2-ct)
40 Plate overhead squats
40 HR Pushups from plate

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