An Endless Circle

An Endless Circle

Today’s Workout
Ring Dips (M) / Dips (W)
Box Jumps (24”/20”)
Overhead Walking Lunges (45# plate/25#plate)When I first became involved with CrossFit LA, over five years ago, it reminded me right away of my experience in martial arts. The most attractive similarity between martial arts and CrossFit LA had nothing to do with anything physical. What struck me was the sense of community and respect that was present. In martial arts, I always felt I was part of something bigger, that beyond what I was learning and the strength I was gaining, there was a mental aspect and a community aspect that I revered, an unspoken set of rules to behave by that didn’t need to be spoken because it was just a natural way to behave in a place you admired. I knew to defer to senior dojo-mates, and I also knew that they would give me knowledge and tips in return. I stayed after to clean, not because I had to, but because it was how we said thank you to our instructor.

While not formalized in CrossFit LA, I see it all the time in class — veteran students jump in to help new students, students take the vacuum out of my hands after class, classmates cheer until the last student finishes. I think you all know this, but that doesn’t happen at 24 Hour Fitness. It doesn’t even happen at all CrossFit gyms. When you truly feel you’re getting something out of something you’re a part of, it’s impossible to not want to give back in some way. It becomes a very un-vicious cycle that builds an amazing community and an indelible bond. I, for one, am happy to be caught up in that circle here.

Omid and Don lend at a hand at the Santa Monica Smoker Challenge Finals.



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