An evolution

Thursday’s Workout (CAP)
2RM Hang Power Snatch


4 rounds, for reps
Max reps Hang Power Snatch @ 70% of 2RM
30 Double Unders/90 singles

Rest 1-minute between rounds
Count snatch reps

…and coming Friday (NO CAP)
Round 1
1 KB Suitcase DL, right hand
1 KB Russian Clean, right hand
1 KB Push Press, right hand
1 KB Suitcase DL, left hand
1 KB Russian Clean, left hand
1 KB Push Press, left hand
Round 2 – 2 of each movement
Round 3 – 3 of each movement…The more I’ve done the Whole Life Challenge, the more I’ve found that it’s about creativity rather than rigidity. When it started (and tell me if this sounds familiar) it was all about the rules — rigid rules. Sticking to ’em because they were the rules (and “hacking” them if possible). As time has gone on, there has been an evolution for me in how to take it on. The second time around we all matured a little and it became about how the rules don’t matter as much as making the system work in your life. We started looking at how playing the game shifted things around to create a net gain in life performance and awareness. Now that we are into the third iteration, the WLC has got a whole new flavor that merges the previous two approaches together — how creative can I be while following all of the rules in good faith? This time I am learning to manage the rules, because they are the rules that I say make a difference, AND making the system work in my life by being creative.

It’s not about “hacking” the challenge, it’s about opening up what things like “daily movement” look like, it’s about what number of points actually has me thrive and not pull my hair out. It’s about using the bonus points because that’s what they’re there for — they’re part of the rules! I’ll tell you what, last Saturday I needed two glasses of wine (not one, mind you, two) and if I hadn’t had them just because of the points I would have had a worse day — not the intention of the challenge. But having the game to play (and the bonus points) gave me the space to say that two points is pretty darned solid over the course of a week and that given the big picture the week was a total win.

Accountability can lead to fun if you let it. If you use it because the results matter, it gives you freedom. If you think that you know what all the actions are going to be ahead of time, you’ll find yourself limited, having no fun at all. If you point yourself in the direction of the results and unleash your creativity on it, you may actually find more than you ever knew you bargained for.


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