And it Begins…

Day one of the 100-day Burpee Challenge. Doesn’t sound too bad – one burpee today. Here’s how it works…

– Today, day one, 1 burpee. Tomorrow, day two, 2 burpees. Continue this way until January 17th, day 100, and, you guessed it, 100 burpees!
– This is an individual challenge, so if you have a place during your day (home, work, outdoors, etc) that is large enough for you to do a push-up, you can join us!
– Miss a day? No problem, just make up the burpees the next day (so if you miss day 30, on day 31, you do 61 burpees – 30 + 31)
– Did burpees in a workout? Good news – you may count them toward your required burpees for the day.
– Do more burpees today than required? Sorry… you can’t “pre-load” and get credit for burpees done in advance.
– Want to join in after we’ve begun? No problem… the “buy-in” on your first day is the total number of burpees you’ve missed thus far, plus all burpees that day (on day 10, buy-in is 55 burpees).

Good luck… and post to comments if you’re “IN”!

This is a video of a burpee.
**NOTE – a full burpee includes a clap over your head while in the air

Today’s Workout

100 Burpees for time

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