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Guest blog post by Coach Jamie Silber

We’re so excited to announce the start of CrossFit LA’s first running club, the Speed Team. It begins May 4th and goes through June 26th. In short it’s a training group that meets three times a week to improve running, not matter the level at which you start. Among the obvious reasons why Speed Team was created, here’s a specific anecdote …

I know a gal who’s an avid CrossFitter and is in very good shape. She looooves to talk about her workouts. In fact, that’s all she really talks about. I do chime in from time to time, but I enjoy listening to her. She is very passionate about her practice. Then one day it happened…out came the words:

“I wish we didn’t have to RUN today…I HATE RUNNING!”

I sat there churning for a moment, formulating a biased pro-running retort. I then channeled my behaviorist, Coach Dizzle Rivera, to calm me down, and I came back to her with this question: “Ok, well, what is your favorite lift?”

She quickly replied,”Over Head Squats”.

I asked why and she said, “Because it’s the perfect marriage of technique and power.”

I was tired that day and decided to save her my pro-running diatribe, so I said, “Good answer,” and we left it at that.

In truth, my “I-HATE-RUNNING” friend couldn’t’ have described running better: Running, too, is the perfect marriage of technique and power. In fact, this is what Speed Team is all about; mastering technique and turning it into power. An overhead squat actually has a lot in common with running. Both require active shoulders, a strong, stable midline and dynamic hip extension. But I’m sure my friend would object. Speed Team wants to coach into the commonalities that lie in the technique we apply to our lifts and gymnastic movements and apply them to a running practice. Sound technique and lots of practice will allow ones running to feel less out of one’s control. Running is skill-based, just like anything else, and we often don’t enjoy movements when we haven’t learned the proper way to do them. Maybe the woman in my example could learn to no longer hate running if the same attention she devotes to overhead squats was applied to running. At the very least, she’ll hopefully hate running less and won’t avoid them in workouts. Speed Team is an opportunity to apply power and technique, just over longer periods of time. At best, training with Speed Team has the potential to make every workout feel better.

Check out all the details of what Speed Team has to offer you in this link. Ask questions! We will gladly answer them for you, and we hope to see you out there May 4th.

– Coach Jamie


Wednesday’s Workout
Spring Break

A) EMOM 10
O: 14 DB renegade rows (45/30)
E: :30 Candlestick levers

750m Row
25 Burpees
500m Row
50 Burpees
250m Row
75 Burpees
**30min Cap**
**See 3/4/14**

 And Coming Thursday
Spring Break

“CF Total”
In 45 minutes, 15 minutes per lift
1RM Back squat
1RM Press
1RM Deadlift




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