Another Great Day at CFLA

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I had the opportunity to participate in my second Memorial Day Murph WOD at CFLA yesterday, and it was an absolutely incredible experience. 

I have to admit, I was a bit anxious, and overwhelmed with my feelings toward the WOD, as I’ve done it a few times before, but never straight thru, and never after coming back from a minor injury, where I felt de-conditioned.

But ya know what, none of how I felt walking into the gym mattered, because I knew and understood what I was there to do, to support, and to honor. 

From the moment I walked into the gym at 8am, my worries were brushed aside, and the excitement and energy immediately rushed into my veins.  Speeches lead by Coach Kenny, Coach Andy, Andrew, and Mark grabbed the attention of the room, and laid the groundwork for the intention that we were to be inspired with today, and that was love, support, and camaraderie. 

81 individuals, ranging in age, skill and strength levels, came together yesterday for a cause greater than ourselves, to take the “I” out of the workout, and to engage in teamwork, in support and honor for those lost serving this great country.

Another great day for CFLA, and our country!


Wednesday’s Workout:


5 RFQIT @ < 7 RPE
10 Alt DB Power snatches (25% BW / 18% BW)
10 CTB Pullups
20 DB Russian twists
10 Alt pistols
–1min Rest between rounds–
–SOMSAVS Scoring–

And Coming Thursday:


FQ @ < 7 RPE
5 Sets @ 75% C&J
2 Clean pulls
1 Hang clean (Mid-thigh)
2 Front squats

3 RFQT @ < 7 RPE
21 Wallballs (20/14)
15 Knees to elbows
9 Deadlifts (60%)



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