Anti-Obesity PSA – Shocking Video – watch and comment

Anti-Obesity PSA – Shocking Video – watch and comment

Ever thought about the years of “work” it takes to get to that final moment in your life when your heart stops? This PSA at that moment… and traces back through all the tiny, “insignificant” choices you made that got you to that point. It’s eye-opening… and disturbing.

If there were one day that it would be worth it to take the time to watch a video on our site, and to comment on it, today is that day.

Take 90 seconds. Watch it. Please post your thoughts.

Tuesday’s Workout
testing week 

1RM Power snatch (20min)
20RM Front squat (20min)

And Coming Wednesday
testing week

800m Run
800m Row
200m Sandbag front carry (100/70)
**40min cap**



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