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A) 4 RFQ
400m Run
10 Single leg lunge jumps from box (5 ea.)
40 Hollow rocks

B) 3×5 BS (75% new 1RM, or 78% original 1RM)

C) 3×5 Press (75% new 1RM, or 78% original 1RM)


2 rounds, each for time on the 15:00

“Up, Over, Around & Up”
– A distance variation on our beloved Franklin Hill SprintsFirst question: Are YOU actually reading this blog? I ask because sometimes I wonder… does anything we write here matter to you? We so seldom hear anything in comments… and unlike TV, a blog, our blog, is designed for interactivity and comments.

If this blog matters to you, could you do me a favor and post something TODAY in comments. Even if it’s just a grunt, hand wave, hello, I’m here, I read, it matters, thanks, I’m interested, I like the conversation, good (or bad) ideas, I agree/disagree, looking forward to the workout… anything to let us know that you’re alive and that what we write – KK, Dizzle, Stanwyck and myself… that it matters.

Now… on to other stuff…

I was thinking about time and results the other day… as it relates to amount of time you spend in the gym each week vs. the total amount of time available in your week.

Let’s say you’re like our “average client” at CFLA and come to the gym 3 days each week. Lets also say you do things on your own like go to yoga, spinning and run. That means you work out about 6 days each week for say 6 hours. Lets also say you’re fairly active too on top of that… you go hiking, surfing and ride your bike just for fun. So that means that every week week you spend about 10 hours “being active”.

10 hours… and do you know how many awake hours you have each week? Barring the 8 hrs/day of sleep we all get, it leaves 16 hrs/day or 112 hours in a week. Take out the 10 active hours, and you’re left with 102 hours!

Doesn’t it follow that you can have a much bigger impact on your health, fitness and overall well being from the things you do that have NOTHING to do with being at the gym, working out, or being active… simply because of the number of hours you spend doing everything else each week?

That was our thinking when we created the Whole Life Challenge… and continues to be why we play… and get results. Think about it… 10 vs. 102.

We’re approaching the end of the current Challenge… and I offered the WLC community something that I do between Challenges to keep me on track for things that have nothing to do with working out. I choose two or three things ONLY. Ones that are very small stretches… that will keep me accountable to something that makes a difference for me.

I’m sharing it with you here because I think it’s valuable… at whatever stage you’re in in your health and fitness journey… to be accountable to something very small, and achievable, all the time.

Here’s what it looks like in my Evernote (where I keep track of it every day). Try it… simple… and it works.



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