Are you a lemming?

Not sure what a lemming is just check the link.

Why should you care? Because if you’re doing something everyone else is doing you’re bound to their fate.

I say this because currently I see a lot of trends of people reducing prices, going for the lowest common denominator and basically selling themselves short. And to that I say… great. Because if all business are going to do a price war (which, BTW, leaves a lot of businesses dead – google it) that leaves room at the other end of the spectrum for something really valuable and high priced. It’s a natural void that is created. Smart businessmen will seize this opportunity and make a hugely successful business. However if you want to charge $1000 for coaching, or 5x greater than the average in your industry you better bring 10x more value.

What are some programs you could create?

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Haven’t had a Seth video in a while. Enjoy.

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