Are you an Underdog?

People want underdogs to succeed in the worst way. I believe it’s the reason SO MANY people screamed their head off when Calista Papas and Chris Spealler were finishing the clean and jerks at the 2008 CrossFit games. Or when a sporting event is happening so many people who aren’t firmly rooting for the favorite will root for the up-and-comer. Maybe this has to do with the hope that springs forth from people witnessing our claim of what we want to do and they get inspired to take greater healthy risks in their lives.

Here is what the dictionary has for underdog:
1. a person who is expected to lose in a contest or conflict.
2. a victim of social or political injustice: The underdogs were beginning to organize their protest

Think about that for a second… I am an underdog… CrossFit is an underdog… honestly, ALL small business owners are underdogs.

If you step back for a moment looking at what WE want to do… topple the Globos, we have a huge DIS-advantage. We are poorly funded (no one from the venture capital community has approached me, have they approached you?). The health and fitness industry easily makes $45 Billion without out us. Yes, that’s with a “B.” We’re challenging the “conventional wisdom” of decades of bad education. We consciously compete with the laziness and apathy of the masses who have been brainwashed into believing that a “gadget” could give them better abs… and that having washboard abs meant they were in shape. And none of us have a 4 year degree in Crossfit because that doesn’t exist. Yet.

So I implore everyone to continue to tell everyone your dream of Crossfit world dominance. By doing so you strengthen your commitment to your cause. And you may just inspire the person within earshot to follow their own dreams.

Please proudly post and tell me if you’re an Underdog.

Here’s a video of one of the most famous underdogs. Plus I’m a Rocky fan.

BTW – I couldn’t decide which was best so you tell me.

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