Are you genetically pre-disposed to be lazy?


Quarterly Check-In Week
“Bear Complex”
5 rounds of the sequence:
7 reps each of:
1 Power Clean
1 Front squat
1 Push Press
1 Back Squat
1 Push Press

Rest between sets as needed. Goal is max load in a set.

Original test date: 1/10


Quarterly Check-In Week
“CFLA Bodyweight Total”
2 minutes for max reps of each of the following:
Rest exactly 3 minutes between movements (each movement starts on the 5:00 mark of a continuously running timer)
Score is total cumulative reps of all movements

Original test date: 1/11What if you found out you were? Would that make a difference? Would that be an excuse for not working out? Researchers from the University of Missouri discovered what they hypothesize is a genetic predisposition in rats either to be motivated to move or to be lazy. How important is that?

If you knew that it was in your makeup to be a couch potato (some of you may already suspect it!), how much do you think you would let that rule your routine? Some people might find comfort in knowing that they aren’t to “blame” for their lack of motivation, that they were just born that way!

That might be one way to look at “biological destiny.” However, what if you found out you were genetically predisposed to be poor? Would you let that stop you from making money? Probably not. You’d probably figure out a way to make a living, maybe even become rich, in spite of your inborn trait.

One of the things that’s so great about being human is that we AREN’T rats. We actually have a say over our biology. We can do things in spite of being told by our bodies, over and over again, that we aren’t meant to do something. No amount of biology, hope, motivation, or inspiration is required for you to start anything. Just your say so. You can do anything, even though every fiber of your being screams “NO!”

So the next time you hear yourself saying “I’m just that way” (WHATEVER “that” is), know that it’s only an assertion or opinion, not a truth. There is no way you “are” aside from the way you say you are. You want to run, but don’t know yourself as someone who likes running? It’s just a declaration away. You think you have to LIKE running to be a runner? That would be mistaking your feelings with your commitment. Your feelings come from your biology — that same place that your “predispositions” come from. Not bad, just automatic. Your commitment is 100% who you say you are. No feelings, no opinions, no guesses, no permission needed.

It’s not always easy to live according to your commitment. To a certain degree we’re all “predisposed” to not taking risks or working too hard. But it’s the path off of the hamster wheel. It’s the path to an authentic life.

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