Are You Happy? I Love You.


For Time:
10 Alt DB snatch (55/40)
100 Double Unders
20 Alt DB snatch
75 DU
30 Alt DB snatch
50 DU
40 Alt DB snatch
25 DU


A) 5 RFQ on the 3:00
3 DL (70-75%)
6 Alt Pistols
9 Pull-ups

B) For time and pace
800m Run
Rest exactly 2 min
1k Row
Rest exactly 2 min
800m Run
**Keep 800m times within 10-20 seconds**

The video below slays me dead. The concept of the “Game Before the Game,” is pretty brilliant considering this is exactly when the emotionality of competition happens, right before the competition. In the heat of the battle – at least for me – my mind turns off, there’s no more time for emotion, and my instincts and training take over. This is the whole point of our practice days at CFLA, to dial in our mechanics so well that when the stakes are high and we’re playing for scores and time or maybe for something more meaningful – even when it’s just for fun – we’ve carved a grove so deep during practice that we fall into that pattern when they yell “Go!” The only thing left to do is put the foot on the gas.

So, this video … a father calls his son, who happens to be Neymar the Brazilian futbol star before he’s about to enter his first World Cup match (which incidentally starts tomorrow!) The father starts with the essential basics: “Hi Son. Are you happy?” So simple, but it lays the groundwork for everything else. Are you doing what you want? Are you following a dream? Are you doing what you’re meant to do? Then the rest is joy – sometimes nerve-wracking, terror-inducing joy – even as your community or the whole world watches, even when a country or family has pushed their chips onto your number to cash out on hope. And before the match/game/competition/race, a competitor taps into who and what they represent. Who do you walk the line for? A competitor draws inspiration from what and who they love. Through ritual, prayer, superstitions – whatever – they call on a higher power. The emotions are high, the build-up is enormous. Then it’s Go Time. And instincts kick in.

Before Neymar goes into battle, his father blesses him with the armor of God then ends with the most basic and powerful essential of all: “I love you.”

Are you happy? Are you loved? Do you love? Who do you give your all for? With positive answers you can do anything.

Today is a competition day. What are your answers?

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Watch Neymar play for Brazil in the open World Cup match against Croatia tomorrow. The US plays Sunday June 22nd against Portugal!

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