Are you invested in your business?

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I assume that most people are certified in multiple speciality areas for their CrossFit coaching such as kettle bell, Olympics lifts and pose, just to name a few. When you go to these certs, for the first time, or maybe the third, you’re expertise as a coach is raised. If you’re not, you should be attending at least one new or refresher per year.

But have you done this for your business?

Since most affiliates are running their own business the need to keep a lean ship is paramount and that means you need to have many skills. If you weren’t born with a brain for all things business (marketing, public speaking, accounting, social dynamics, motivation, web site design… etc) you need to learn it until your business can support hiring an expert. Yes, we have a seminar coming up in December but that isn’t the only thing you should be doing. Any length of seminar could be useful from an afternoon to a weekend retreat.

Look online for any seminar or class that will enhance your business knowledge and sign up today.

some examples:
Tony Robbins (motivation, goal setting)
Strategic Coach (business)
Toastmasters (public speaking)
Landmark Forum (life coaching)
Depak Chopra (balancing your life)
Community college (accounting, excel, powerpoint)
Check online

What will you choose? Post to comments.

Enjoy this video by Depak Chopra, a little long, but worth it.



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