Are you just Marking Time?

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Today’s Workout

“Smoker Check-in”

For time
21 Front Squat (BW / 75%BW)
15 Front Squat
9 Front Squat

M: A-BW, I-75%, B-50%
W: A-75%, I-55%, B-40%Back in High School, when I was in marching band (yes, I was a trumpet player AND a band geek), I first learned about something called “Marking Time.” When the drum major wanted the band to continue moving their feet in time, but to stop moving forward, the command was, “Mark Time, Mark!” Everyone would stop and march in place. Interesting,stuff, I know… but what in the world does it have to do with CrossFit or training?

Do you ever get the sense that you are going through all the motions of working out, but really getting nowhere (marking time)? Do you actually know if you are making progress? If you don’t know, my bet is that you’re not keeping a workout/training journal. I can look back over the past 6 years of my training and see EXACTLY what I did… in EVERY workout. One of the first CrossFit workouts I did was “Diane” – 21-15-9 reps of Handstand Push-ups and deadlifts (225 lbs). I used 125 lbs for the deadlift, and it took me an incredibly long 27:28. My most recent PR on “Diane” is 5:20. No, I’m not marking time… and I know I’m not because it is very clear, in black and white in my training journals.

A couple of ideas for keeping a journal. Head to our Discussion Forums, become a member of our forums, and create a thread in the Workout Logs Forum that is YOUR thread for your workout journaling. Another idea – purchase the CFLA Success Journal , a training bible for both valuable CrossFit information and keeping track of your workouts.

There are plenty of other methods people use… if you have your own, unique method, let us hear about it! The most important thing is to do it! Don’t get caught marking time!

Naz leans into her back squat.



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