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Franklin Hill
6 on the 6


A) Squat Clean
EMOM 8: 2 Po. (Ground and high hang)

B) Pullups
5 Min strict pullup drill – on min max strict pu’s

C) 6 rds for Squat Clean Reps (:60:60)
50 DU’s
Max Sq. Cl. @ 62.5% of days heaviest EMOMAre you open to trying new things? I mean, really – are you open? Lots of times we think we have an open mind, but really we’re ready to pounce on ideas and thoughts with all the reasons they are wrong. It’s even possible to do this with something as simple as food. Ever thought about trying a new cut of meat? A new vegetable? Or do you “hate” that type of meat and you “don’t know how” to cook that vegetable? If you haven’t tried it since you were five, chances are you don’t really know how you feel about it.

Isn’t the WLC a great time to experiment with new things so you don’t just eat the same “safe” meal three times per day for the entirety of the challenge? Trying new things might be the key to keeping healthy food interesting, which means you’re less likely to break the “rules” of the WLC and more likely to succeed in your health and fitness goals.

So, how about it – what new food are you going to open yourself up to during the WLC? Check out what I made – Ox Tail Soup!

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