Kenny Kane


Saturday Night – Oak Park Holiday Party 7PM-???   Monday’s Workout Practice A) Breath Capacity 800m Run (Progressive Gears: 1-5) B) Work/Movement Capasity MB TABATA This :20:10 Station#1 Lateral MB Throws Station #2 MB Up and Overs Station #3 MB Burpess Station #4 MB Air Squat Holds   Tuesday’s Workout Competition A) Movement Capacity:    …

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Pink Pig Party

Monday’s Workout Competition “Nancy” 5 Rounds for Time of:      400m Run      15 OSH (95/65) Tuesday’s Workout Practice A) Movement Capacity: Thruster      Find Heavy 3 B) Work Capacity:      8 rounds of:       5 Thrusters (135/95)      50 DU

Max Efforts All Over the Place

Monday’s Workout Mental Toughness A) AMRAP Teams of 2 or 3 12 TTB 60 DU 24 KBS (24/16) B) AB for Cals with partner Tuesday’s Workout Practice A) 5 RFQ :40:20 Sumo Deadlifts @ 50-65% Jump Rope (Gear 2) B) 5 RFQT: 12 DB Front Squats (50/35) (G4/G5) Run 300m (G3) C) Reflect


It’s no secret that this gym has a deep roster of endurance racers. Over the weekend John Bonds added to his legacy here by completing the most notable of all triathlons, the IRONMAN in Kona.  To celebrate him appropriately we’ll get together Saturday November 3rd for this years Bondsy-Q. Monday’s Workout Competition 5 Rounds on …