michael stanwyck

Embrace the Gap

Let’s talk about your ideal life versus your actual life. It’s an important idea because they’re both “real” in some sense. Neither one is 100% true, and neither is 100% false. Your ideal life is unattainable. Not because you can’t ever have what you want, but if you got it, you’d very likely find a higher …

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Last Goodbye

Saturday it begins. My 8th Whole Life Challenge. Kind of Crazy when I think about it.  After all these years, still rollin’. And as traditions demands, during waning days as the Challenge draws near, it comes time to say goodbye to old favorites for a while, in the most intimate way possible. By eating them. One of …

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No Habit

I’m in the business of what you might call habits. Between running the Whole Life Challenge and working as a fitness coach for the last 7 years, you might say my focus is people’s habits – what they are and how to shape them so people get what they want. I’ve been thinking a bit about …

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