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I am stoked to be back and very much looking forward to seeing everybody this week.  So much good stuff coming your way including the Whole Life Challenge and Cycle 7 (both starting next week).  In the meantime, we’ll put the polishing touches on the playtime mini cycle over the next few days.  Check the vid for our thoughts couple of thoughts on what to consider while training this week.


Monday’s Workout

A) Deadlift (20min)
     Work up to heavy 5

B) “The Air Force WOD”
     For time, with 4 burpees EMOM
     20 Thrusters (95/65)
     20 Sumo deadlift high pulls
     20 Push jerks
     20 Overhead squats
     20 Front squats
**20min Timecap**
**Courtesy of 2010 MidWest Sectional**


And Coming Tuesday

A) Rope climb skill practice (10-15min)

B) “Quick and Dirty”
     EMOM 20
     Minutes 1-5: 6 Alt single-arm DB power clean and jerks
     Minutes 6-10: 2 10yd Shuttle runs
     Minutes 11-15: 10 Jumping lunges
     Minutes 16-20: 10 Slow mountain climbers (on coaches count)
    **Courtesy of DBWOD**





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