Back to It! Because It Works.


5 Rounds for time (RFT)
20 Burpees
10 Thrusters (95/65)
50 DU’s


A) 3 RFQ
6 Split Jerks
12 Burpees
24 Squats

B) 20 minutes, complete
3×3 FS (+2 / +5)
3×5 Pull-ups (weighted or assisted)

C) 1,250m Row at “Jackie” pace

I know if feels like the last Whole Life Challenge just ended – and it did – but did you know there is a new WLC starting May 3rd? And I know CFLA only does a “Big Event” for the WLC once a year with prelims and finals and prizes – that’s not changing – but it would be remiss of us not to offer the opportunity to participate in the May challenge. Which is why CFLA has registered a team for everyone who’d like to play again; for all those who have benefitted from the WLC. I know that has been a lot of us.

Maybe you have an aunt who was intrigued the last time you played. Or a friend in another state who asked you what you were doing to get so lean. Or maybe your dad did pretty well participating in the last challenge, but needs to keep reinforcing those habits. Maybe I’m describing you.

At the end of the last challenge, I was a little burnt out and tired of being so strict, but quite honestly, I know this works. I’ve done every Whole Life Challenge since its inception. I know the accountability works – playing the game with your friends works. The awareness works. The conscientiousness, and the encouragement to cook, and read labels, and seek out a better health plan for a wide range of reasons in a whole-spectrum kind of way all work. I haven’t always played the game well, but when I have, it all clicks and I perform better, I am leaner, my skin is clearer, and I feel so much better.

You probably know, too, that when you play well, you win. Which is another reason we registered a team.

Are you willing to go for it again with me? Dial it all in just a little tighter? Maybe get back on track if you’ve, say, fallen off since the last WLC ended? Maybe you’d like to play the game intermediate or even at the beginner level this time to see if the habits are more sustainable that way. No prizes this time. Just an earnest effort to be better.

Register HERE – yourself, your friends and family, too – and let’s get back to it.

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Does it have to end? We think not!

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