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Week 11 of 14: PRACTICE

A) 7 Rounds For Quality (RFQ):
5 CTB pullups
10 squats
15 butterfly sit ups (abmat ok)

B) 5 rds, each for time on the 4:00:
1) 200m run 5 HPC & 5 HSC @ 55% of HPC (or roughly max thruster)
2) 200m run 4 HPC & 4 HSC @ 65%
3) 200m run 3 HPC & 3 HSC @ 75%
4) 200m run 2 HPC & 2 HSC @ 80%
5) 200m run 1 HPC & 1 HSC @ 92%

Week 10 of 14: COMPETITION

“Da Tiny Hoppa”
Show up to find out the workout of the day!
The 6 am class will pull your workout from Kenny Kane’s “Tiny Hoppa,”
a collection of 9 workouts specially selected by KK to challenge the
skills you’ve been practicing over the last 10 weeks.Yesterday was humbling. I race in the Playa Del Rey Triathlon and competed at the Olympic distance (mile swim, 25 mile bike, 6.2 mile run). I remember, back in the day. I would buzz through 3 hour races… not stopping to blink, drink, or rest in any way. It was all guns a blazin’ through the kayak, mountain bike, run and special tests… and my team (Red Bull) almost always finished in the top 3.

There was some part of me that wanted to believe that even after 11 years of NOT racing distances like these, that everything but the swim (which was new to me) would be a cake walk. That I would suddenly get out on the course and my body would remember not just what to do, but how to do it. And it would come through with flying colors. I wanted to believe this so much that I fooled myself into starting the race with only about 3 bike rides in the past month (none over 1 hour), NO runs over about 2 miles, and NO continuous metabolic workouts that lasted any longer than 60 minutes (today’s Triathlon took me 2 hours and 49 minutes!)

They say that gravity is a great teacher. Well so are the laws of physics and human performance. They took over yesterday and took me to school! I was tired after the swim, totally pooped and cramping after the bike, and completely wiped out during (having to walk all the way through transition just to get my mojo back) and after the run. This was NOT the race I had imagined in my mind, nor was I the guy I remember breezing through at light speed from ‘back in the day’.

My intention had been to finish the race and feel good crossing the finish line, regardless of my time. In that regard, the race was a dismal failure. But in the overall big picture, I went out and did something brand new with an incredibly awesome group of people, had fun both in the race and in the process of training for it, and finished it… while looking forward to the next time. BIG WIN!

The joy truly is in the journey – but next time I’m going to train a little more so the journey isn’t quite so painful! Hope you’ll join us (you guys are in too, right?) too!

And thank you so much to the friends and family who came out to support. We love you guys!
Now THAT’s a heck of a crew! CFLA at the Playa Del Rey Triathlon.



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