Balance and fun

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A) EMOM 10
O: 10 Alt DB Snatch
E: :30 Burpees

B) 4 Rounds for Quality (RFQ) :45:15
GHD Back Ext
DB Cleans
C2B Chin-ups


“Crossfit Total” In 45 minutes, exactly 15 min per lift.

1RM Press
1RM DLDiz had a great post on Friday referencing one of my all time favorites, Rumi. Essentially, her post boiled down to allowing yourself to accept and appreciate the massive variety of emotions The Open elicits in each of us. This takes practice.

Of course practice is easy when you feel good about a performance and self acceptance is bountiful. The real practice starts when you lay an egg and don’t feel groovy about a showing. How do you deal with this? Is your emotional and mental health as balanced as your physical? Here’s a clue: if you check results more times a day than you eat a solid meal you have might be off kilter a smidge. If you hit refresh three times to check results while at computer eating, you have an imbalance. If you didn’t put a good game plan together and you think you have to do the workout over you may have an imbalance.

You get the idea, obsessing over results becomes unhealthy. Period. You really can’t do anything about what others do. What you can do is spend the time to do things that advance you. Physical things like mobilizing. Mental things like creating a specific and realistic game plan that will challenge current you to the utmost of your ability? Emotional things like developing interdictions – (phrases and or mantras) that help you tap into your deepest self when things get really hard in a workout (or in life).

It might be helpful to share how I’ve learned to critique my athletes through the years:
1) Did they physically prepare themselves to the best of their ability with the resources they have?
2) Did they cultivate a good mind state going into a competition? Game plan, timing, rep scheme, tools to stay both relaxed mentally and poised physically?
3) Where they the best version of themselves when things got hard? Emotional state – use of interdictions to stay in the fight? Etc.
4) The most important one: Did they have fun? Were they in the moment fully absorbed?

What is the Open teaching you about yourself?

In the meantime here are a few phone videos shot from the weekend. Quality not the best but I’d say we certainly know something about having fun:

Cupid Shuffle




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