Balancing The Open and Thoughtful Programming

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First, if you are participating – log your score both for the OPEN and WLC.

The Open is always a blast.  Participating students tend to find gears that they never knew they had. For this reason, it is common that people find themselves a bit sore from time to time and by the end of the Open, a little beat up.  Meanwhile, there are many at the gym that aren’t doing the Open and for therefor not bothered by the typically demanding workouts concocted by Crossfit HQ.

The gym’s first physical priority is to thoughtfully organize and balance programming to support measurable fitness improvements in our test/retest process. This is very tricky during the Open because some movements come up that we happen to be training.  Often, when short sightedness strikes, we may look at our programming and go, “Ughhh! How in the world can we possibly have lunges when we just did them for the Open?!”  Again, not everyone is doing the Open and more importantly the Open doesn’t change what our fundamental objectives are.

That being said, we will do our best to modify movements/body parts for those recovering from Open workouts the next few weeks while maintaining our promise to all that the movements we test are movements that we practice.

Monday’s Workout

     Box squats

     **Jumping lunges**
     Kipping ring dips
**If sore from 16.1, may sub Arch Rocks or DL (less than 30%) for JL and treat as a flush.

And Coming Tuesday

     Bench presses

B) Handstand walk rodeo

     12 Deadlifts (50%)
     12 Sit to stands
     300m Run




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