Bars, Skin, Tape and Rips

Bars, Skin, Tape and Rips

Since we’ve moved in to our new digs, a question about taping the pull-up bars has come up – a lot. So, should we tape or shouldn’t we?

  • Pros of taping – hands stick better to the pull-up bar and don’t slip off as easily
  • Cons of taping – dirt and sweat get trapped up in the tape – and don’t get clean until the tape is replaced, most other pull-up bars in the world are not taped – and when you do pull ups on a bar without tape when you’re used to tape, it’s much more difficult.
  • Even – ripping – it can happen either with taped bars or untaped bars

What’s your opinion?

By the way – if you have a problem slipping off the bar during a workout when a bar isn’t taped, you can try bringing a towel (or a chamois like the Body Rag sport towel that we sell in our pro shop) to the gym to use to dry off your hands, you can tape your hands, or you can use chalk. If you have a problem with rips, which can happen on any type of bar, you must spend the time between workouts to take care of your hands and calluses (the subject of an upcoming post later this week).


Today’s Workout
5 x 400m run intervals
– rest interval about 2 minutes



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