Baryshnikov or Herman Munster?

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I was reading Is Stretching All It’s Cracked Up to Be? yesterday, and I was thinking to myself as I read it, “They just don’t get it.” Stretching is not something athletes do to prevent injuries; stretching brings flexibility, enhanced circulation, improved elasticity and suppleness in muscles and tendons, a greater range of motion in joints. In turn, this enables us to live our lives with greater ease and less effort, to move gracefully, with balance, coordination and agility. As athletes, it also can lead to major advances in strength, speed and power. Remember, you have a choice as you go through your life, do you want to move more like Baryshnikov or Herman Munster? I would suggest that if you think you move more like the latter, you’ve unconsciously already chosen… and it’s not to late!

Felicia finishing her dumbbell clean & jerks.

Today’s Workout
For time:
21 Thrusters
400m Run
15 Thrusters
400m Run
9 Thrusters
– men – 135 lbs / women – 95 lbs



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