Battle Cry

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Today’s Workout

Back Squat


Complete as many rounds as possible, in 8 min.
100m sprint
12 pull upsThe suns rays shoot through the morning haze. A drop of dew slides down a blade of grass as the condensation begins to collect and sink back into the earth. Sleepy birds call out to each other and insects buzz.

Then suddenly — silence. A distant cavalry approaches. The thudding of war horses and the shifting of armor can just be discerned. The sounds close in, first from the East and now from the West. Warriors appear on the horizons, blades glinting in the now shining sun, proud eyes piercing behind their metal face plates. In another moment the armies will clash and the men will fight to the death, for pride and for honor.

Oh, wait…it’s CrossFit class.

And we’re in Los Angeles.

Playing a game, doing a workout, or maybe just getting egged on during the warm up lap.

We take it all so very seriously…and all so very not. And that’s what makes it great.

The CFLA “grown ups” heed the battle cry of “Clean the Yard.”



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