Battling the Inner Toddler

Wednesday’s Workout (no CAP)
800m Run
400 Single unders
400m Run
200 Single unders
200m Run
100 Single unders

…and coming Thursday (no CAP)
Find your 15 rep max overhead squat
(Gold standard is bodyweight)Whenever I go on a “restrictive” eating plan, I have a bit of a freak out period. I suddenly want to eat all sorts of things I never eat anyway. For example, recently I endeavored to try out intermittent fasting. I eat from 12-8pm each day, but not outside of those hours. The first couple of days when it hit noon I ate everything in site. I wanted ice cream. I wanted crackers. I wanted a candy bar. I never eat these things, but it was like my mind thought I was never going to see ANY food ever again. After a couple days that subsided, and as everyone around me predicted, I settled a bit into this whole IF thing.

But that’s when the “inner toddler” took residence. This is the part of me that wants what it wants simply because it can’t have it. What I’ve come to realize, though, is that the inner toddler isn’t real. I mean, the cravings and feelings are there, but they’re not based in actual needs of my body. Unlike the first few days where I think my body genuinely thought I might starve it, I feel as though my body has adjusted, but some emotional part of me hasn’t. So the inner toddler is desperately hungry from when I wake up until 11:59am every day. It causes hunger pains and cranky thoughts. It causes me to look at the clock every five minutes for hours on end. And then, suddenly at 12:00pm…I’m not hungry anymore.

This is the true hallmark of the inner toddler and what caused it to deflate it’s power over me. It wants what it wants when it can’t have it – and doesn’t when it can. Once 12:00pm strikes I forget I’m hungry. At 12:45pm I look at the clock and think, “Crap, I better start eating!” The great part about it, though, is now I KNOW it’s not real. It’s just emotions and things that don’t have a real effect. I can say hi to the inner toddler, give it a little hug, and move on with my productive ways.


I’m really not sure what’s happening here.

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