Invest In Their Future

Today’s Prodigy (Teens) Workout
8 rounds, for time:
10 squats
Broad jump across room
10 push ups
Broad jump across room

Today’s Weightlifting
Shoulder Press
3-3-3-3-3A recent study published in Acta Paediatrica reported that a lack of activity even in young children can have an impact on their cardiovascular health later in life.

“The study in 223 eight to11 year-olds in Sweden found that those who were less active had a higher ‘composite risk score’ for heart and circulatory disease. This score also took into account their blood pressure, resting heart rate and body fat.”

You can read the full article at

When you are sorting out your busy schedule and choosing activities for your children, remember that what you do today DOES have an impact on their futures. Not only would you be teaching them good healthy habits by keeping them active and eating well, but you are literally investing in the health of their bodies and the longevity of their hearts.

Shannon and Lucas.

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