Because I Said I Would

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Today’s Workout

As many rounds as possible, in 20 min:
Increase by 1 each round
Box Jump (20″)
Sit Up (anchored, weighted, 30/20)Many of you know I have been training for the Long Beach Rowing Association – Beach Sprints. Well, it’s time — the event is this Saturday, January 29th. A few hundred of us will gather in a room full of Concept-2 rowers to “sprint” 2000m.

I have been focused on running, cardio, and cutting weight for a couple months now and I am ready to get it done. Throughout my training there have been days where I truly enjoyed the process, and other days…well let’s just say they haven’t all been good ones. On those more difficult days I questioned why I am doing this. I am not going to win anything. I am not going to qualify for anything. Why would I train the way I have and eat the way I have? What is the point?

And for me, in those moments, it comes down to as simple as this — because I said I would.

I said I would do the race. I said I would drop the weight. I made a commitment and I intend to follow through, even on the most unpleasant days. And, it’s not about proving to other people that I do what I say. It is about knowing it myself. It is about knowing that I have the power to make a declaration and then make it so. It is about knowing I can make my word a reality.

On Saturday, I will show up in Long Beach, weigh-in and then row 2000m. It will take somewhere between 8:00-8:13. I will be slower than some and faster than others. I will leave the boat house knowing I made no excuses and did my best. I will be a more complete person than I was eight minutes earlier and I will take that power out into the world with me.

What happens at an indoor rowing event? Watch this news report of a Chicago event to find out.



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