Becoming Awesome

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Teams of 4
Conga line style relay, 4 rounds for time
250m Row
20 Box Jumps (must step down)
100m Farmers carry(50/35)
10 Burpee pull ups

Team Member #1 starts on 250m row.
When row is completed, Team Member #1 moves to box jumps and Team Member #2 starts on row.
Continue, conga line style through the movements.
Team members may only move to their next station when the Team Member in front of them has completed their work at that station.
Team will not start Round 2 until all Team members have completed all movements.
Round 2 starts in reverse order with the Burpee pull ups.


Show up and pull your workout from the CFLA Hopper
Every class is a different workout!
When’s the last time you did something that had you know that you are awesome? Last weekend 11 friends and I ran the Ragnar Relay, a 200 mile race from Huntington Beach to San Diego. 12 people ran, as a team, 200 miles. Awesome. 12 people stayed awake largely for over 40 hours, ran long distances, supported each other, broke down personal barriers, and did more than their training told them that they could do even when their minds and bodies told them that they couldn’t. We didn’t run super fast, we didn’t break any records, and we all accomplished something that had each of us KNOW that we are awesome.

It doesn’t take much and it doesn’t have to impress anyone. If I told most runners that I ran my 6.6 mile leg in 66 minutes, most of them wouldn’t be impressed. We weren’t out there to impress runners. After 2 days, a 4am wakeup call, trying to take quick naps in a car leaning on each other, a 2am Denny’s breakfast, cleaning up with baby wipes, getting lost and getting found, and tagging other team’s vans with our “official” team symbol we are closer, know each other better, are closer, and got to be great because of each other. Being awesome isn’t about any measurement in the physical world. It’s not a time, a weight, a number of reps. it’s giving your all when you know it’s more than you’ve ever given before.

How many chances do you give yourself to be awesome? How many opportunities do you pass up?

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For more photos and a twitter log of the event, click here



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