Beef and Your Training

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A) Press:
EMOM 8 – 2 presses @ 5RM weight (or ~80% 1 RM)
B) Front Squat
– take 10 Min to find 5 RM
C) 8 Rds for distance of:
Row :60, rest :90
During rest perform 2 Front Squats @ 75% of Days 5RM


A) Squat Snatch
EMOM 8: 3 po. starting in High Hang
B) Muscle up/Ring Pull/Ring Row
3x ME MU’s to “Hole” (NO dip). Scale to ring pull-up
C) 5 rds for time of:
200 m run
5 Squat Snatch @ 70% of EMOM
Rest :60 exactly after completion of each roundMany of you ordered grass-fed beef from Estancia. If you did, especially if you did it for your first time, you might not be used to getting your beef in 9-pound ‘primals’. In the video below, Sam, in a rare appearance since moving back to the midwest and Michael Hale show us exactly how do handle, cut, wrap and freeze your meat in usable steaks. Check it out below.

Today marks the beginning of the second half of our first 12-week training cycle. Along with CrossFit Games OPEN (don’t wait – get registered NOW) workouts every Thursday for five of the six weeks, you’re going to see workouts that include much of the strength we’ve been working on over the past six weeks, combined with high intensity metabolic intervals. It promises to be a big challenge!

The proper care and handling of your Estancia primal.



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