Being Brave

With the Whole Life Challenge 2016 quickly approaching, with the new year and being that we are here at the School of Mastery on the continuous journey of life, I’ve decided to take on something new. Some of you know that sharing from an emotional side or being vulnerable is something that I’m working on. Throw a physical challenge at me and I’ll handle it. I can withstand physical pain, usually with the support of you all, but I’m more or less comfortable with that. Ask me to get up in front of a group and share what I am feeling, well, watch me break down a bit.

A few years ago I enrolled in a 3 day long heart-centered seminar. This was just what I needed at the time and have done 3 different seminars building upon that. Part of what we did was get up in front of the room and share what we were feeling. During the first seminar, every time I got up in front of the room to share I started crying. It might be hard to imagine me getting up in front of a group and crying, but that is exactly what happened. There was something so terrifying to me about sharing my emotions that all that would come out were tears. Moving forward I’ve made progress. I can put more words to my feelings, but it takes slowing down, awareness, and courage.

I’ve enrolled in an online course by Brene Brown entitled Courage Works. During this time I will be reading, engaging in lessons, and doing exercises – all taking me out of my comfort zone. Some of what she says is that if you’re going to live a courageous life, you’re going to fall. Being brave might not be comfortable, but the growth that happens is well worth it. So, while some of you might be experimenting with being courageous in the gym, playing with being uncomfortable and pushing boundaries, I will be doing it on a more emotional level over the new few months. I’m sure I will fall, but I’m sure falling down is going to be better than watching from the sidelines.

Today’s Workout

300m Run
50 DU
12 DL (225/155)

and coming Friday

0:00 – 15:00
Max Effort Handstand walk


18:00 – 37:00
Tabata These (8 x 20:10):
Sit to stands
–1min Rest between each element–

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