Being a Modern Day Warrior


For time:
5 rounds of 5 strict pullups & 10 pushups
1 Mi Run – perform 50 squats @ halfway point (~Princeton & Arizona)
2 K Row
1 Mi Run – perform 50 squats @ halfway point (~Princeton & Arizona)
5 rounds of 5 strict pullups & 10 pushups
**45 min cap**


A) 3×5 Press (+2 / +5) (15min)

B) AMRAP 3 for quality
6 Pull Ups
6 Pistols

Then, rest exactly 3 min

Then, for quality and time
Result of AMRAP above

C) 5RFQ on the 2:00
5 DL (60-65%)
10 Jumping lunges
Max situps
**1 min cutoff**There is a war going on… well, not so much of a war… more like a slaughter. Sugar and the sugar industry is winning. After decades of marketing and support from the federal government, the sugar industry would have you believe that fat is the problem… and it’s been solved by removing it from all of the processed foods on the market. What they don’t tell you… they’ve replaced it with sugar.

Did you know that when you look at a label of a processed food, it gives you the % recommended daily value for fat and carbohydrate… but not for sugar.

Sugar is MORE addictive than cocaine.

The average kid, eating what many parents call “healthy”, gets more than 30 teaspoons of sugar a day. A healthy dose is less than 8.

Junk food companies are acting like tobacco companies did back in the 80’s & 90’s – pretending to be unaware of the unhealthy impact of their products on people’s health and well being.

Of the thousands of items in a grocery store, 80% contain added sugar.

White rice and pasta is no better than bread, candy, or cereal (any kind of bread or cereal). There is no appreciable difference in your body’s response. Just like eating a candy bar, they are broken down immediately into glucose (sugar) and and left for your liver and the hormone insulin to deal with (insulin ensures you store that sugar as fat, by the way).

“Natural” juice is no better than Coca Cola (and take a look at the number of juices on the shelf at the market). It doesn’t matter that the sugar in juice is naturally occurring. It’s converted to glucose (sugar) immediately by the body, and you know what happens next – insulin, then fat storage. The thing that fruit has over juice is fiber… it slows down the digestion of the sugars and gives your body a fighting chance.

12 oz can of Coke = 10 tsp of sugar
12 oz of OJ = 9 tsp of sugar (occ naturally)
12 oz of apple juice = 9 tsp of sugar (occ naturally)
12 oz of lemonade = 10 tsp of sugar
12 oz of chocolate milk = 11 tsp of sugar

I went to see the movie “Fed Up” last week. It does the best job of any movie I’ve seen at painting the whole picture – how we got here, the issues with sugar itself, the food industry and it’s commitment to profiting on feeding our addiction and the federal government.

Every single one of you should go see it. It’s an important movie. The magnitude of the problem we are facing, together, is staggering. And the only way we’re going to start gaining ground and start stopping the slaughter, is through awareness… and action.

I leave you with this…

WE – the members of the CFLA community, current and former (plus readers of this blog) – we are today’s warriors. We are the ones that are on the front lines. We are the conscious ones… the ones that are aware… the ones that can make better choices… the ones that can spread the word… the ones that can teach and inspire others.

We’re small. We’re outnumbered. But we’re powerful. Let’s get out there and spread the word… let’s make a difference… together!

“Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead

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