Being Foolish

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Friday’s Workout (NO CAP)
Squat Clean 3-3-3
Five rounds for time of:
25 Squats
10 Burpees

… and coming Monday (NO CAP)
Push or Split Jerk 3-3-3
5 Rounds for time of:
20 Jumping lunges, 1 count
12 Push ups
200m Run
What’s the best way for you to learn the most when you walk into a class, seminar, new job, new relationship, or any new situation? Put yourself into “beginner mode” – ask a lot of questions, keep your eyes wide, your ears open and your mouth closed (well, open enough that you appear interested).

But a funny thing happens as we go through life… we become experienced, we earn degrees, get qualifications and certifications, have people tell us how smart we are and how much we know and how good we are. We achieve a level of mastery in different areas of our lives… work, relationship, friendships, sport, general knowledge, etc, and we create a story, inside our minds, about how smart, experienced and good we are.

And the result of this? We forget, maybe because it’s been a long time, or we haven’t had practice, or we’ve got a lot riding on being good (even in things we’re just beginning), just how to put ourselves into “beginner mode”. It gets harder and harder and harder to walk into a new situation, strip off these layers, down to our bare essentials, and admit that we know nothing. After all we have more things to take off, more layers to strip. Being a beginner, not knowing, while an incredible place to be, can also be incredibly uncomfortable.

So next time you step into the gym, or into your job, or life, ask challenge yourself, “Today, I’m going to be foolish. I am going to shed all of what I know that I know, and in place of it, put nothing, a total beginner, a sponge, able to absorb everything and everything, learning from everyone and everything in spite of all the things that I already know.” Try it – you might see things in a totally different way and remember, it’s the true master that is able to let go of all that he knows, to be humble in spite of his mastery, and to have the courage to be foolish.

There goes Lauren – upside down again!



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