Being Impeccable

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Today’s Workout
“Nicole” on Squats

As Many Rounds As Possible in 20 minutes of:
50 Squats
Max Reps Pull ups

– score is total reps of pull upsThe other day someone asked me to take on being “impeccable.” What he was asking was that everything I start gets taken unquestionably all the way through to the very end. If someone asks me, that I am able to own completely that it’s done. I started to look at where in my life this would make a difference. How many times have I started something, did it anywhere between 0 and 99% and considered it done enough? I mean, it works. Things happen, and mostly the way they were meant to happen. But often enough, my original intention of doing something doesn’t get completely fulfilled. The interesting things is it makes me look at if I even have an intention! Once I started doing it at work, where it seems most important, it was unavoidable that I apply it to other parts of my life. I started looking at it with respect to my workouts. How many times am I sure that every rep counted? Does it really matter what the time on the clock is if the training I came in for isn’t actually completed? How many times have I worked out each week as many times as I said I would on Monday? What reasons did I use to justify it rather than just show up? Do I really feel good about my choices in that context? I’m really interested to see what the experience of completing everything the way it was meant to be done will offer. What about you?

Mike’s going overhead and leaving NOTHING out!



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