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Todays Workout
CrossFit Open WOD 12.5

As many rounds as possible in 7 minutes of
3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21…
Barbell thrusters, 100/65
Chest-to-bar pull upsI have this weird fascination with Jedi. I’m probably not the only one. They are, for me, a modern representation of the samurai, or what most of us think the samurai were like. It’s not so much the martial aspect, though I like that, nor is it their powers that they develop through use of the “force,” which I have to admit would be pretty cool too. What it is about them is a way of being. It is a human being (or whatever they were considered a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away) who lives in the world who is perpetually in training. One for whom there is nothing that is not a practice.

This came up for me the other night. I was sitting at home. I didn’t have anything really to do and I was struggling with how to spend my evening. Somehow, my mind wandered to the Jedi. It felt in that moment a little like they were something that I was not. And if I think about the lightsabers and the powers, that is definitely true. But if I consider the element of moment-by-moment practice, it’s totally false. Warning: I may get a little geeky here for some of you right now (if I haven’t already). I thought about Obi-Wan Kenobi sitting out there in the far reaches of Tattoine. Talk about nothing to do. Just desert, sand people & jawas. Nothing to do but cook, clean & wait. Maybe the occasional trip to Mos Eisley. How does a Jedi stay a Jedi in those conditions?? How does he continue to improve his skills?? I’ll tell you how. Cook, clean & wait. Maybe the occasional trip to Mos Eisley.

You see, as humans, there is nothing that we are supposed to be doing to make us better at being humans. We just often think there is. What if it’s not a what you’re doing, but a how? What if everything you did was the only thing you did? What if you exercised that kind of attention, that kind of presence? Wash dishes, clean clothes, sweep the floor. Chop wood, carry water as they say. Becoming more human (more Jedi) may just be a practice in being present.

If you believe that you bring that presence to some things — to your workout but not your housework, for example — I’d like to challenge you with this: consider that how you are anywhere is how you are everywhere. If you don’t bring that presence of mind to sweeping the floor, there is a darn good chance you don’t bring it to your clean and jerks either. Try it out, see what it’s like. Do things as though there is nothing else you should be doing, nowhere else you should be. See what it’s like in traffic, see what it’s like doing daily chores, see what it’s like when someone tells you to take 50 pounds off the barbell you are deadlifting with. “There is nothing I’m supposed to be doing right now but deadlifting with 50 pounds less than I think.” You may hate it, that’d be OK too. But I have a feeling it may bring a whole new level of experience to every moment.

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