Being On The Injured List

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Today’s Workout

10 rounds for time:
5 (ring) dips
10 Back squats (45/33)What does it mean for your training when you are injured? How injured will you be before you stop training? Nothing has been a bigger bummer for me than to have developed persistent pain in my left elbow right in the middle of the CrossFit Games Open. It has definitely limited the degree to which I can participate in the competition. But it’s also been a really interesting lesson. Just because a single body part in injured, doesn’t mean that I have to sit on the bench. Heck, I’ve seen people do one-armed Olympic lifts with their other arm in a cast before! You can work through, find substitutes for the movements that you can’t do, and stay in the workouts. An injury is NOT a reason to be out of shape or unhealthy. This is about movement, not body parts!

Often times we let an injury that doesn’t really prevent us from training stop us from training. It’s that little nagging voice that’s always there, the one that doesn’t always feel like working out. The one that just needs a reason to kick it on the couch after work. “Hey, you’re injured. It would be smart not to work out” it will tell you. “You don’t want to make it worse, you should just rest. That would be the mature thing to do” (notice how much it appeals to your vanity). So we use our trump card and take the time off. I’ll just ask you this — do you ever feel better when you come back?

Consider that we are lucky that we live in a world where not moving around is an option. What would it look like if movement was required for your survival? You wouldn’t even think about not keeping moving. Yet we will talk to ourselves like we CAN’T, not that we don’t want to. Next time you think you have a good reason, injury or otherwise, for not showing up, just ask yourself who is giving the reason. Is it really you, the you that wants to be powerful, exhilarated, accomplished, and someone not to be believed, or is it just the voice that can’t fathom why you want to feel that discomfort, those few moments of sweat and struggle. Ask yourself, which one of those “yous” are you inspired by? Who would you want as a friend?

Hippity hop!



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