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Sometimes we forget to believe how badass we are right now. I find driven people and timid people alike skip over this important detail.

For the driven, they are often so focused on the success ahead of them – success they often achieve – that how good they are right here, right now gets trampled over. When a PR is hit, I hear, “Yea, but I was going for (fill in a higher number).” Or “Yea, but I should have done a bit more.” Your body and the ability that you’ve earned through practice and hard work just produced a PR so why should you have done more? Why isn’t the gradual upward shift enough — will it ever be enough? Mainly, where is the fun in not enjoying the exact excellence of the moment and the achievement?

For the timid or beginning student, they might not have ever recognized themselves as an athlete or someone who moves well or lifts heavy. They often don’t believe coaches when we tell them how great they’ve done and are doing. It’s just as hard for them to enjoy the moment because the past doesn’t let them recognize or enjoy it – yet.

It’s frustrating as coaches to see so many good things going on with athletes when they don’t see it. It saddens me, really, when I’m a bigger cheerleader for an athlete’s goodness than they are to themselves. But I realize as a coach, that’s a big part of my job – besides keeping you moving better and keeping you safe while doing it – is to let you know how good right now is until you believe me, and then believe yourself.


Wednesday’s Workout

A) 4 RFR on the 4:00
300m Row
Max Effort Wallballs to 10’
**3min Cap each round**

B) 3 Position snatch (high to low)

10 Deadlifts (50%)
12 Kipping CTB pullups
**5min Cap**

And Coming Thursday

A) Double under skill practice

B) Bar muscle skill practice

C) 4 RFT
5 Power clean and jerks (50% of 1RM jerk)
10 Bar musleups
**12min Cap**



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