The Best Valentine’s Gift

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Today’s Workout
For Time:
3 rounds:
– 3 muscle ups
– 6 burpees
9 rounds
– 9 push ups
– 18 squats
3 rounds
– 3 muscle ups
– 6 burpeesThere are lots of things you can give for Valentine’s Day – chocolates, candies, roses, dinners, champagne, jewelry…but do any of those truly celebrate your love? Do they make a difference in the quality of life you and your loved one have together?

Don’t get me wrong. I love presents. Anyone who knows me knows I get giddy at the mere existence of them. But when I think about the best gift a loved one could give me, I think of one word – time. Time on this earth. I’d trade all the roses and chocolates for more time.

And while a million different things could happen in any given day, there are things we can do to increase our time. We can eat right, sleep plenty, and exercise regularly.

So, this Valentine’s enjoy your chocolates, your desserts, and your wine. But think about the best gift you could possibly give your friends, family, and significant other – YOU for as long as possible.




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