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Today’s Workout

Handstand Push Ups
Hang Power Cleans (135/95)I have watched plenty of interviews with Bruce Lee and thought about his words in terms of my martial arts study, but recently, while perusing YouTube late at night, I watched this clip and thought about his words in terms of CrossFit. What if you considered exercise and fitness as a physical expression of yourself? What if your workouts were truly a representation of you? I think some of us FEAR our workouts are indeed a representation of us. We become self-conscious of what others will think. We become motivated by less than productive and less than truly authentic expressions of just who we are. We cheat, we fudge, we don’t listen, we become forgetful, we don’t try too hard for fear of losing, we try not to stick out, we judge ourselves, we assume others judge us. We think our score is somehow a negative statement on our worth. Is all of that who you really are? What if every workout you did was truly you, with no meaning, no judgment, just expression? What are the possibilities that could show up for you, if you came to each workout as a blank slate and open book, ready to be shaped, like water.



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