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Lots of you have been caught up in the Vibram FiveFinger groundswell. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, FiveFingers are essentially barefoot shoes – slippers that give your feet protection from the rigors of the modern ground while allowing you to experience what it would feel like to walk or run barefoot. They offer nothing in the way of cushioning or support. While this can be beneficial in many ways and can be a huge aid in learning to Pose run, be conservative. Remember that you have been walking and/or running with shoes on for the past 30+ years… don’t think that your feet will suddenly be ready to go out and run a 5k, 10k or marathon in the next 12 months! Here is an idea of a conservative progression you could use to prepare your body and feet – but remember to use pain and your good judgement as your guide.

  1. Start by wearing them around your house and walking short distances.
  2. Wear them to the gym, and for your first warm-up run, but take them off immediately following. Do this for at least two months before you start to increase distances.
  3. Wear them for a CrossFit workout that includes short distance running (like 3 x 400m max) or workouts that don’t include running, but involve movement in the gym. Do this for at least two months before adding distance or time. Always make sure you have other shoes available in case you feel any discomfort or pain.
  4. Wear them for a workout that includes 3k of running.
  5. After a minimum of 6 months of wearing them for distances of less than 3k and all other CrossFit workouts, try them for a 5k. If this feels good, continue using them for all workouts that involve running less than 5k. Do this for a minimum of 6 months.
  6. At this point it’s been a year… any additional distance you tack on, do it just as slowly. Just because you are good with 5k, doesn’t mean that now your body is ready for anything you throw at it and you can go for a 15k. Be patient. Ramp up slowly. You’ve got the rest of your life to go barefoot, but only one pair of feet!

By the way – if you have any experience in your transition to FiveFingers, please share!

Eddie “Red” – Pose running in his FiveFingers

Today’s Workout

Back Squat Ladder – 45#
– Using a 45 pound bar complete 1 squat the first minute, 2 squats the second, 3 the third… continue in this manner until you can no longer complete the requisite number of squats within the one minute interval.
– For an added bonus, do overhead squats for the first 12 minutes (rounds), front squats for rounds 13 – 24, and back squats for the remainder.



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