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Today’s Workout (CAP)
5 rounds, 4 minutes each:
2 Hang Squat Snatches every minute on the minute
1 minute break between rounds for weight changes

– Goal is the heaviest weight at which all 8 reps in 4 minutes can be completed without missing

…and coming Friday (NO CAP)
Complete for Time:
50 GHD Sit ups

Followed by:
Three rounds of:
500m Row
20 Push ups
2 Rope Climbs

Followed by:
50 GHD extensionsI love my birthday; it’s a day when I feel truly appreciated. People from all over the place (especially now that Facebook is so ubiquitous) letting me know how much it means to them and what it’s like for them to have me around. Who could really want anything else? I am extraordinarily grateful for all of the birthday wishes (as well as the cakes, brownies, muffins, cookies, and wine!).

One of the things that I’ve been thinking on my birthday is that given that I have all these thoughts and feelings about the people around me too, isn’t it kind of a tragedy that I really only express it one day each year? I’m not saying that I don’t feel appreciated by people all the time or that people don’t share how much others mean to them, but I can’t remember the last time I celebrated one of my friends like I do on their birthday when it wasn’t their birthday!

What would life be like if people just walked around giving each other big bear hugs whenever they were present to how much someone mattered, sending cards letting someone know how important they are, making thoughtful little gifts just to let someone know that they love them? What if people got to feel that appreciated all the time? I can’t imagine a situation where it would make anything worse!

Just a few birthday thoughts on a day when everyone around me has been so wonderful, so giving, so generous, and so thoughtful.




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