Blink of an Eye

COMPETITION – re-test from Jan 15

3 Rounds for time:
800m Run
30 DB squat cleans (50/35)
30 Burpees

COMPETITION – retest from Jan 16

1km Row
50 Thrusters (45lbs)
30 Pull Ups

Recently, I saw the video below and it brought up a lot of feelings. Mainly that in a blink of an eye, it all goes by so fast. By the end, it choked me up a little. I think it would do that to any parent.

But what of ourselves? It’s whizzing by fast for us, too, y’know? And we’re probably paying less attention to our own progress/development/maturing … aging. Do we have the foresight – like this dad did – to capture and appreciate moments in time, even the most ordinary? I imagine we have not always been that aware, but the good news is we can start. Like, now. As in: Right. Now. Right now, I can appreciate the PR’s I hit in class yesterday without the internal comments that I should have done more. I can look at my family and gush with love for no reason whatsoever. I can look around the gym and soak in all the goodness that comes to me daily from this place.

This video – maybe oddly — makes me want to write down every quirky dream and take daily action before I’m looking at a video that has fast forwarded to when I’m sixty years old – to when I’m kicking myself for not doing all the things I wanted. Good news though. I’m writing that list now.

What are you doing to capture and appreciate your moments?

CrossFitLA Image
The Women’s Class appreciating their PR’s from Tuesday — and enjoying their PR balloons


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