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Today’s Workout

Wendler Deadlift – Cycle 1, week 2
(70%, 80%, 90%)

Tabata mash up:
Air squats
Anchored sit upsFor those out there who are a fan of what Tim Ferris did for work in “The 4 Hour Workweek,” he now has a new offering for the human body called “The 4 Hour Body.” He claims to have “hacked” the human body, experimenting on himself obsessively for over 10 years to find the limits of endurance, strength, muscle gain, and many other capacities. In the hacking sense, this book is less about how to “improve” what you have, and more about how to “trick” the system to giving you more than you thought possible. It may sound a little in the spirit of “magic bullets,” but could it be that he has figured out how the system works in order to get around what have traditionally been acknowledged as boundaries? What do you think? If you could have one, what would you like to see a shortcut for?

No, that’s not my brother in law.



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